The Keys

Join us as we dive into the exploration and contemplation of the Gene Keys and Human Design. Immerse yourself in profound discussions on the active Gene Key and Human Design gate, uncovering transformative insights to enrich your sovereign journey.
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Kim is a Certified Gene Keys Guide. She has been working with the Gene Keys since 2020 and has devoted several years to working with and exploring the ocean of wisdom known as The Gene Keys. She continues her exploration and enjoys sharing all that she learns along the way!

What's included?

Live weekly calls

Join our weekly contemplation call where we dive into the current Key in transit. Engage in discussions with Kim and fellow participants as we collectively explore and discover our greatest gifts

Monthly deep dives

Join us each month for a journey into your unique blueprint. Discover your authentic self, explore your shadows, and unlock your greatest gifts!


Surround yourself with like-minded individuals on a journey of discovering their authentic selves. Experience support and celebration for who you truly are, and find love and care in a supportive community during challenging moments. 

Journal Prompts

Take time for inner reflection and contemplation with weekly journal prompts.


There is something magical that takes place when we begin to explore who we are on a deeper level. We experience an inner transformation on a soul level which can greatly impact  our lives and the lives of those we care about.


Can't catch the live meeting or want to watch again for some deeper contemplation? Replays available so you can come back to the Keys for further contemplation or review. 
Kim puts so much thought and effort into a slide presentation each and every week. She makes the key we are focusing on easy to understand, so you spend the time thinking about how the key applies to your own life. The call is welcoming no matter what level of knowledge you have regarding Gene Keys. It is a safe space to share with the group however much you feel comfortable. It’s a space to also uplift others while they are going through their own challenges (shadows) and also congratulate those celebrating a win. (being in their gift) I am grateful for the group of ladies that attend and the gifts they share. I look forward to this call every week, because I leave inspired, centered and with a high vibe. 
 Melissa Scott
The Key’s call is a magical journey of expanding the heart and understanding the Gene Keys beyond the mind. Experiencing them through Kim’s lens is the perfect amount of simplicity without missing the profound depth of each Key. It is my weekly refill to love myself and others through grace & compassion.
 Roshni Patel, Love and Roshni
Gene Keys is a beautiful journey within your heart, mind & soul and Kim is an amazing guide & teacher. Her wisdom is magical! Your mind will be blown! Get ready for ah ha's, high fives & oh yeah's!
 Cheryl Estoque, The Jade Compass
Meet your guide

Kimberly Farber

Kim, the Founder of ELEVEN11 Academy, is dedicated to empowering others to reach their greatest potential. As the creator of H.E.A.R.T Healing and a certified Gene Keys guide, she draws from a wealth of modalities learned and mastered over the years. Kim is committed to sharing her knowledge, guiding others on their journey of transformation, and developing a deep connection with their authentic and highest selves. She strives to empower others to embrace their full potential and lead heart-centered lives. 💛✨
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Dive deeper with the gene keys

If you would like to dive deeper into your own personal exploration with the Gene Keys, we have included links to the Activation Sequences below, along with our personal favorites, the Delta and the Seven Sacred Seals. These are affiliate links and we do earn an affiliate referral fee when used. We appreciate you using them if you were inspired by the Eleven11 Academy to further your exploration of the Gene Keys!
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