Welcome to
eleven11 academy! 

Welcome to Eleven11 Academy, a safe space for the sovereign journey of 
authentic self-discovery, deep emotional healing, and alignment of mind, body,
heart and soul.  

Our Mission is to empower individuals in ascending to their highest selves.
Our Purpose is to create a community that educates, supports and celebrates you
on the sovereign path to authentic, heart-centered living. 

 our why

Eleven11 Academy was created to help raise the vibration of our collective consciousness. We do this in sharing the knowledge and wisdom we have with others through the Academy and throughout our lives.  

 our mission

Our mission is to help every person we can become the best version of themselves, Personally, Professionally and Spiritually.  

 our purpose

Our Purpose is to help you to help you re-discover who you truly are and live your highest purpose in life ~ BEING YOU!  
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Manifest Your Best Life!

The Manifest Journal

The Manifest Journal was created as a simple daily ritual to raise your vibration and create the life you desire! 
Inside is a daily practice of Intention, Gratitude, Affirmations and more! When practiced on a daily basis, you will see your life shift as you begin to live a life filled with intention and gratitude allowing you to bring you dreams to reality!

Get your free keys digital calendar

in this pdf download you will receive:

  • 2024 Calendar complete with Gene Keys and Human Design transits
  • Gene Key highlights for the New and Full Moon
  • Planetary Retrogrades
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